Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pre-Register Open

Sorry i have been out of town for a few days.
You can now visit and register for your account. This gives you pre-access to the game accounts and forum, so registration later is not necessary. This is mainly for the people who would rather visit the domain instead of this blog until beta releases.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Create Your Own Features.

   An API to developing new features for the game has already been developed, on the release of the beta test, all the testers will have a setup to their own API environment where, if desired, can design and create their own Pure features and apps to submit to Pure. If accepted, the feature/app will be placed in the game accordingly and you will be given an administrator menu relating to this new feature.
   The API allows you to take all of Pures' features and add you own, mix them up, or change them around completely without having to go too in depth with the coding. Programing Skill: Intermediate-expert
   If you are a programmer in php/javascript and would like to get involved early, send an email message my way at shccclick[], or add me on MSN. A small ten question exam in PHP/Sql is required.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What are you and this game even about?

Thats a great question. Here is a brief synopsis of the story line of Pure.

   On your birthday, December 12th, 2012, an outbreak of M-9, a highly contagious chemical weapon, explodes in the Mediterranean Sea. Within weeks, most of the Earth's population is dead.
   As society redevelops, and M-9 becomes a less lethal disease, the communities are separated by people who have M-9 and people who do not. The people with M-9 are forced to live in areas with no running utilities, and are often hunted.
   After 32 years, an M-9 infected Hacking Group named Pure secretly began recruiting agents infected with M-9 to investigate if other companies are concealing documents related to a possible cure. You are one of those agents.

   In Pure, the year is 2045. You are a 32 year old hacker working for the Pure organization to discover a possible cure for M-9. Among the 60 missions that cover the story line, you will be able to unlock new and exciting features along the way, including: Slaves, these slaves are virtual hackers that perform 200+ missions for you like "Hacking into the CIA", of which you can upgrade these Slaves.

About Me.
   My name is Jesse, I am a 24 year old programmer from the U.S.A..
I started working on Pure because i felt this genre really needed a strong game using todays technologies. I wanted to create movie like effects with the software, which i did and it looks nice.

In Pure is a massive multiplayer world where you can interact with other users in multiple ways, including chats, messaging, private chats, markets, stores, auctions, etc.

If you have any questions, let me know. i have been working on some cool stuff all around today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Logo Design

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Window System Created!

   Believe me, this will make a drawback on the release of the game by a week or two but in the long run you will thank me. Although i haven't any screenshots i wasn't happy with my current javascript. It was fine for a normal running game, but this game intends to be fast paced, with tracebacks, log deletes, file systems. No time for a limited window manager.
   I developed a new window system that allows complete control over the size and shapes of the windows, as well as onclick maximize and minimize. This was difficult because i was calling the software in a much different way, and to make the Cracking, Ddos, Cypher software (which are the most javascript heavy) work with the new Ajax Window system was rather unpleasant to say the least.
   I am optimistic, i will spend the next week updating the entire game thus far to this new method and then start on the more exciting features. Along with customization inside the game you will be able to perform software combining, virus creating, cellphone hacks and more.
   Plan to be seeing Pure go Beta by August 1st, 2011 and Online by September 1st, 2011.
If your interested in beta testing, i will accept the users that apply to this message. You will recieve a badge attached to your username as "Pure Beta Tester", seen in the game and on the forum.

Once again, your support keeps me working, late into the night.
Dont forget to offer your ideas and suggestions.

ps: Next update, i promise screenshots.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fans?

   Although there are only 2 people following this blog, in the past week i have had tons of emails pouring in with people offering their support and encouragement and this is exactly what i need. A current recode of my windows has set me back on the creation of fun and exciting features so i am at kind of a dull moment. Reading your emails makes me jump right back into it!
   I have even had a few emails from other people that are actually in development of hacking games themselves, and thats a good thing. My goal is to help ignite the genre. Two minds are better than one i believe and collaborating with these individuals could take pure to an entire new level.
Thanks for your support.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Updates *Jul 10th, 2011

   I have recently been working on window management for ease of use, resizing etc. I developed a Sorting Manager for when you are dragging your windows across the screen, to give a better perspective on your opened items. I have also been working diligently  on session efficiencies by switching most queries into sessions. This will definitely increase game performance.
   I also started working user settings into the game, like font size, background, and icons. The intention in the long run is different operating systems make different layouts, as of now it is something the user can manually edit.
   The current plan of operations is to continue tweaking the javascript to produce a sleek design and layout without complication.

Newest Eyecandy: Resizable Windows

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Programming a game from scratch.

   A wise man once said,
To truly bake a cake from scratch, you must first recreate the universe.
    With that said, programming a game from a blank document can be a rather daunting task. 
But thats what i started with, one blank gEdit file and a page and a half of some ideas scrambled onto another document. 
   The idea i had in mind was a hacking game. Although its been done a couple of times, i feel like the only game that ever did the genre justice is 'Uplink', but Uplink is over ten years old, and if there had been an uplink online than i probably never would have started this project anyway.
    I wanted a game that when you cracked passwords or anything, that it would look like it does in the movies. So i began.
    In the beginning,  didn't even want to program this game because i knew that making any game from scratch is daunting, but a hacking game!? Thank god im good at math. I started fairly pure and simple really which is why i named the game 'Pure'. I went to where they let you and friends share a notepad so you can program asynchronously, and invited my msn list to come program with me.
    I had several " " visitors " " who would change things around, add a misspelling randomly or even just delete the whole code that was sitting there and replace it with 'Lol'.
Yet i persevered. it was the functions page i was working on using classes with php, and that became the backbone for the entire game.
    Three weeks pass and here we are. My functions page has grown to over a thousand lines, and from one single 'functions.php' file it has spanned to over 50 files of programming craziness.
I now have a working and running prototype free from bugs or glitches.
    The game effects that i wanted to look like the movies ... they totally do, and i finally settled down into a specific interface. I had some horrible prototypes when i first started

   I had one which was just a giant map with icons scattered on top and you click one to connect, or several to bounce before connecting. There was one that looked like a website that i liked a lot, but i realized that this is 2011! Our games have to start looking like games, even if it is text-based, so i scratched that one.
    The GUI running now i am fairly comfortable with, its simple and to the point and is mainly based on the uplink GUI. 

   You can tell a really good game or neat website when it looks so simple, but it is packed full of features (like google).
    As i continue programming the game and coming up with 100's of missions for it, i sit and type, and hope i can make something that doesn't make me a ton of money, but makes a ton of people happy.

Here is a screenshot of the GUI as of now.