Thursday, August 25, 2011

What are you and this game even about?

Thats a great question. Here is a brief synopsis of the story line of Pure.

   On your birthday, December 12th, 2012, an outbreak of M-9, a highly contagious chemical weapon, explodes in the Mediterranean Sea. Within weeks, most of the Earth's population is dead.
   As society redevelops, and M-9 becomes a less lethal disease, the communities are separated by people who have M-9 and people who do not. The people with M-9 are forced to live in areas with no running utilities, and are often hunted.
   After 32 years, an M-9 infected Hacking Group named Pure secretly began recruiting agents infected with M-9 to investigate if other companies are concealing documents related to a possible cure. You are one of those agents.

   In Pure, the year is 2045. You are a 32 year old hacker working for the Pure organization to discover a possible cure for M-9. Among the 60 missions that cover the story line, you will be able to unlock new and exciting features along the way, including: Slaves, these slaves are virtual hackers that perform 200+ missions for you like "Hacking into the CIA", of which you can upgrade these Slaves.

About Me.
   My name is Jesse, I am a 24 year old programmer from the U.S.A..
I started working on Pure because i felt this genre really needed a strong game using todays technologies. I wanted to create movie like effects with the software, which i did and it looks nice.

In Pure is a massive multiplayer world where you can interact with other users in multiple ways, including chats, messaging, private chats, markets, stores, auctions, etc.

If you have any questions, let me know. i have been working on some cool stuff all around today.


  1. sounds great!

    do the story line missions end effectivly? or is it just an open ending?

  2. It has a sweet, probably what you would expect, but still surprised type ending. When complete, you unlock a gaggle of features.