Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Window System Created!

   Believe me, this will make a drawback on the release of the game by a week or two but in the long run you will thank me. Although i haven't any screenshots i wasn't happy with my current javascript. It was fine for a normal running game, but this game intends to be fast paced, with tracebacks, log deletes, file systems. No time for a limited window manager.
   I developed a new window system that allows complete control over the size and shapes of the windows, as well as onclick maximize and minimize. This was difficult because i was calling the software in a much different way, and to make the Cracking, Ddos, Cypher software (which are the most javascript heavy) work with the new Ajax Window system was rather unpleasant to say the least.
   I am optimistic, i will spend the next week updating the entire game thus far to this new method and then start on the more exciting features. Along with customization inside the game you will be able to perform software combining, virus creating, cellphone hacks and more.
   Plan to be seeing Pure go Beta by August 1st, 2011 and Online by September 1st, 2011.
If your interested in beta testing, i will accept the users that apply to this message. You will recieve a badge attached to your username as "Pure Beta Tester", seen in the game and on the forum.

Once again, your support keeps me working, late into the night.
Dont forget to offer your ideas and suggestions.

ps: Next update, i promise screenshots.


  1. Hey I think I signed up as a beta tester but i lost the link to the game.. is my email

    Thanks and look forward to trying it

  2. I will announce when Beta testing will begin in the next couple of weeks.

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  4. Daniel, i will make sure to send everyone who is following this blog a courtesy email on beta testing.

  5. That'd be good. I'd like a beta test of this. Looks great so far!

  6. Hi i'd like to be considered for Beta testing if your still accepting.

  7. I also would love to participate in this beta of a fine looking hacking game! If you are still accepting applications.


  8. Sure, the only beta testers will be the members of this blog.

  9. When is the beta testing going to start